Our Mission

Making rural areas a field of knowledge in foreign languages, through intensive language lessons especially English (the universal language) and as a result achieve social and economic development  improving the quality of life of the population.

We want young people use their free time doing activities that strengthen the learning processes and reduce drop out of Education.

We have a team of foreign volunteers who committed way and using proven methodologies for their effectiveness, spend every day the noble task of teaching for a better future.

All activities being carried out with the young population are free, because we seek access to highly qualified teaching process, as they are usually very high educational costs to learn another language.

Our Vision

Young people of rural areas  with an advanced level of knowledge in English, French, German or Mandarin with access to good employment opportunities in rural areas, thus contributing to the development and regional competitiveness. Similarly encourage entrepreneurship among students as a qualified option life to generate employment and development for all the community. Similarly, young bilingues who can access international scholarships, university studies or research projects and others.